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Otter - A weasel like, web footed animal with dark brown fur. found in streams and lakes.  The skin of the otter was highly prized by some Indians tribes, and in many cases such magical qualities were attached to certain skins that they were passed down for generations from father to son.

Nearly all Plains Indians, and some of the mountain tribes, especially the Ute, wore strips of otter skin around their wrists or other parts of the body.  Some braided it into the hair to hang down over both shoulders in the front.  Others twisted it in the scalp lock.  Portions of the skin were attached to quivers.

Among the Arapaho so great was the superstition surrounding the skin of the otter that all warriors wore it in some fashion and believed it would protect them from harm.  Otter skins became a valuable article of trade, not only among the Indians, but with the whites as well.

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