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Hairwork - Indians used the hair of various animals for many things.  They braided the hair from the tail and mane of the horse and the forelock of the buffalo into ropes.  They also learned from the early Spanish to make horsehair head stalls and other horse gear., as well as belts and handle coverings.  This type of work was known as "Spanish hitching."  White hairs were dyed various colors, which enabled the craftsman to work out patterns and fancy designs.

Besides that of the horse and buffalo, Indians used the hair of the dog, mountain sheep, mountain goat, moose, deer, elk, antelope, opossum, rabbit, beaver, otter, mountain lion, and sometimes even human hair.

Hair was used t stuff pillows, balls, drumsticks, dolls, pad saddles, and many other things, while tufts of hair were employed as decoration on clothing, pouches, horse gear, ceremonial pipes, and such.  The hair of the otter was believed to possess a powerful charm.

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