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Assiniboin - A tribe of Indians sometimes known as the Rocky Mountain Sioux.  While their language is almost identical with that of the Dakota Sioux and they belong to the same family, the two tribes were bitter enemies from early history.  The Jesuits in 1640 found the Assiniboin a distinct tribe from Dakota.  Although they originally roamed Canada, they later came down into North Dakota and Montana.  The Assiniboin at one time joined the Chippewa (who gave them their name signifying "one who cooks by the use of hot stones") and Cree in fighting the Dakota for control of the buffalo country.  In dress and custom the Assiniboin resembled the Cree, despite their Sioux background.  They suffered a sad fate in 1840 when smallpox killed off many of them, reducing 1,200 lodges to only 400.

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