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Cree - A tribe of Algonquian Indians who ranged the northern Plains.  They were buffalo hunters and horsemen.  Early in their history they became closely associated with the Assiniboin, a Sioux tribe which had broken away from their family group.

The Cree were friendly with the white man from their first meetings with the English and the French.  Many historians have spoken of their superior qualities.  They had a ceremonial pipe which the whites called a "medicine pipe."  The Cree believed that this pipe guarded the welfare of their people.

They held an annual feast at which they ate the flesh of a dog.  One of their customs was that when a man's wife died, he was obliged to marry her sister, if she had one.

Today the remnant of this once powerful tribe lives with the Assiniboin on the Fort Belknap Agency and Reservation in Montana.

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