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Adobe Walls - A trading post on the Canadian River in the Texas Panhandle where the famous battle between Indians and buffalo hunters were fought in June, 1874.  There were twenty-eight white men and one white woman at Adobe Walls when some seven hundred Comanche, Cheyenne, and Kiowa-Apache Indians attacked under Chief Quanah Parker.  The Indians wanted to destroy the whites because they were killing off the buffalo.  The small band of white men, with their powerful buffalo guns, drove back the Indians.  More than one hundred Indians and only three white men were killed.  Three days after the battle one of the most remarkable shots in the history of the West was made by Billy Dixon, a buffalo hunter. At a distance of 1,538 yards - only 185 yards less than a mile - he shot and killed an Indian horseman on a bluff.  Among the defenders of Adobe Walls was Bat Masterson, later marshal of Dodge City, Kansas.

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