Red Cloud - Most famous chief of the Oglala Teton Sioux (largest band of the Dakota nation).  He was born in 1822.

In 1865 Red Cloud claimed the Government's building of a road from Fort Laramie, Wyoming, to the gold regions of montana would spoil the best buffalo hunting grounds.  Assembling 2,000 warriors, he annihilated a detachment of eighty troops near For Phil Kearney in December, 1866.  The Government finally agreed to abandon the road and Red Cloud gave no more trouble even during the Sioux war of 1876.  He was later forced to cede the  Black Hills.

A counter of eighty coups, Red Cloud was a general, a statesman, an orator, and patriotic representative of his tribe.  he died in 1909.  Red Cloud, Nebraska, and Red Cloud Peak, Colorado, were named in his honor.

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