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ShaboneeShabonee - A noted chief of the Potawotomi Indians and grandnephew to Pontiac.  Shabonee's father was an Ottawa Indian who fought under the great chief, Pontiac.  Shabonee was one of Tecumseh's lieutenants and was at the side of that celebrated Shawnee leader when he was killed in the War of 1812.

Shabonee became angered at the treatment of the Indian allies by the British after Tecumseh's death, and joined the Potawatomi and was chosen their peace chief.  From that time on he was a friend of the Americans and kept the Potawatomi from joining in the Black Hawk War.

On several occasions Shabonee warned settlers of danger from hostile Indians and one night after a hard ride from Princeton, Illinois he reached Chicago in time to put the citizens on their guard against an attack.  he died in Morris, Illinois, in 1859 at the age of eighty four.  A monument, consisting of a large granite boulder, was erected over his grave in Evergreen Cemetery, Morris, Illinois, in 1903.


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