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Scared Bundles - Treasured objects which were supposed greatly to influence the destiny of the tribes that owned them.  A type of tribal "medicine," they were carefully guarded and sometimes prayer and even sacrifice were made to them.  They were shown publicly only on important occasions.  many times these bundles were carried into battle to insure victory.

When the Cherokees' sacred box was captured by the Delaware, they believed bad luck came to them.  The sacred metal plates, which the Creek Indians claimed they received from a god, were said to have been given out a miraculous ringing sound at times without being touched.

The taimé, of the Kiowa, a small stone bust of a man, decorated with down feathers and with images of the sun and the moon crescent painted on its breast, is said still to exist.  It was kept in a parfleche container and shown only once a year at Sun Dance.

The Cheyenne treasured a scared bundle which contained a hat made from the hide and hair of a buffalo cow, and four arrows - two for hunting and two for war.  these objects, which were carried into battle, the Cheyenne claimed were given them by their Supreme Being.  However, when the Pawnee captured this scared bundle, the keeper manufactured four more "medicine arrows" to replace those lost.  This was believed to have been done with the consent of their god.

Among the Arapaho Indians a "flat pipe" was treasured, as well as an ear of corn and a stone turtle.  They believed they had had this scared bundle since the beginning of the world.  it was said never to have touched the ground, and when moving it the priest in charge had to carry it on his back if he were mounted, as it could not even touch his horse.

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