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OurayOuray - A chief of the Ute Indians, noted for his friendship with the whites.  Ouray was born in Colorado in 1820, and after he became chief of his tribe, he always kept faith with the white man.

In 1863, while fighting against the Sioux, his only son was captured and every effort was made by the United States Government to restore the boy to his father.  In 1873 Ouray visited the Indian commissioner at Cheyenne, Wyoming, and said he had learned through a mexican woman, who lived with the Sioux, that his boy was still alive, and had passed into the hands of the Southern Arapaho.  The boy was never found.  Ouray, still mourning his son, died in 1880.  There is a county, town, and mountain peak named for him in Colorado, and a town in Utah.

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