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Otherday, John - A Wahpeton Sioux who became noted for his friendship to the whites, and who even aided them in the great Sioux outbreak of 1862.  Otherday was born at Swan Lake, Minnesota, in 1801, and at an early age showed his desire to follow the "white man's road."  he adopted the white man's dress, later married a white woman, and became a Christian.

In 1857 John Otherday rode into a hostile Sioux camp and , single handed, rescued a white woman captive.  miss Abigail Gardner.  When the Sioux went  on the warpath five years later, Otherday gathered together sixty two whites and guided them to safety.  he then donned a pure white suit, as was his custom, and went into battle against his own people.  An account of him read:

"He was often in their midst [The Sioux] and so far in advance of our own men that they fired many shots at him, believing he was one of the foe.  He was clothed entirely in white; a belt around his waist, in which was placed a knife; a handkerchief was knotted around his head, and in his hand he lightly grasped his rifle."

Congress later granted him $2,500 with which he bought a farm.  In time he sold the farm and moved to the Sisston Reservation in South Dakota, where the agent built a house for him.  He died there in 1871.