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Narraganset - A tribe of Algonquian Indians, at one time the most powerful of  Southern New England, who occupied the present state of Rhode island in the section west of Narragansett Bay.  Their name meant "People of the Small Point."

In the early part of the seventeenth century the Narraganset were friendly with the English colonists and aided them in the Pequot War.  In 1636 Roger Williams settled among them and through their favor was enabled to lay the foundations of the state of Rhode island.  Later, the Narraganset fought the Mohegan and were defeated.  Their chief, Miantonomo, was executed for conspiring against the English.

The Narraganset later fought in King Philip's War, and in the celebrated swamp fight at Kingston, Rhode Island, on August 12, 1676, they lost almost 1,000 in killed, wounded, and prisoners.  This was the end of the tribe, as the survivors were forced to abandon their territory and join scattered bands of other tribes to the north and west.

Their sachem, Canonchet, was believed by many historians to have ranked with King Philip.  He was captured by the English and shot and his head sent as a trophy to the magistrates of Hartford, Connecticut.

They gave their name to Narragansett Bay, the town of Narragansett, and to Narragansett Pier, the well known summer resort, all in Rhode Island.

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