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Mobile - A Muskhogean tribe who lived near Choctaw Bluff in Alabama on the Alabama River.  Later a corrupted Choctaw jargon, used for intertribal communications from Florida to Louisiana, and as for north on the Mississippi River as the mouth of the Ohio River, was called the Mobile language.  This language also termed Chickasaw.

Their greatest chief was Tuscaloosa, a very tall and commanding Indian.  Tuscaloosa inspired them to attack the invading Spaniards, and a bloody battle was fought in the fall of 1540 for the possession of one of their fortified towns.  Mabila.  The Spaniards won with heavy losses, while 2,500 Indians were killed or wounded.  The survivors appear to have been absorbed by the Choctaw Nation.  The city, county, bay, and river in Alabama are name for the Mobile, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is named for their chief.  There is also a Mobile, Arizona.

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