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Mahican - A one time powerful Algonquian tribe that occupied both sides of the upper Hudson River, extending north almost to lake Champlain.  Their name means "wolf."  They are not to be confused with the Mohegan Indians of Connecticut.

James Fenimore Cooper made this tribe famous by his book, Last of the Mohicans.  The hero, Uncas, however, was a Mohegan in real life. 

With the coming of the colonists the Mahicans gradually began to lose their territory and shortly after the Revolutionary War most of them dropped from sight.

But the Mahican did not entirely disappear.  One band was gathered into a mission near Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and became known as the Stockbridge Indians.

later, for  one reason or another they lived in various places, and finally settled in Wisconsin, where today on the Stockbridge Reservation, west of Shawano, these "last of the Mohicans" number with the Munsee Indians around 500.  There is a Mohican River and town in Ohio.

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