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Logan, John - A famous Iroquois chief and noted Indian orator.  he was born in 1725 near Shamokin, Pennsylvania.  his father was said to have been a Frenchman, who had been captured as a child by the Oneida and who later became a chief.

Logan, whose Indian name was Tahgahjute (His Eyelashes Stick Out or Above) took the name by which he became known to history from that of his friend, James Logan, secretary to William Penn and for a long time acting governor of Pennsylvania.

Logan has come down in history because of the much quoted speech he made in 1744 under an elm tree still standing in Circleville, Ohio.  His speech was delivered after white men had murdered some of his followers, including members of his family.  It was then that he went to war against the colonists.

Logan was killed in 1780 by a nephew.  A monument stands today in his honor in the Fort Hill Cemetery, near Auburn, New York.

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