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Little Crow - A Santee-Dakota Sioux chief who was noted as the leader of the bloodiest massacre of whites in the history of the West.  Little Crow, or Taoya-Teduta (His People are Red), had signed the treaty at Mendota, Minnesota, in 1851, by which the Dakota gave most of their lands in Minnesota to the United States.

little Crow became a Christian convert and a devout member of the congregation of a little church near Fort Ridgely, Minnesota, and was known as a sincere friend of the settlers.  However, when the promised food and other supplies were delayed in 1862, the Dakota went on the warpath.  Little crow led them in a reign of terror over 200 miles of the frontier, killing more than 1,000 white men, women and children.

He was defeated in an attack on Fort Ridgely and with 300 followers fled to the protection of the Sioux of the Plains.  he was killed by a settler on July 3, 1863, near Hutchinson, Minnesota.

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