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Hole-In-The-Day - A famous Chippewa chief, who fought the Dakota over possession of the fisheries and hunting grounds of the Lake Superior region.  His Indian name actually meant "Rift in the Sky," or "Rift in the Clouds," and was given him by his mother because he was born when a ray of hope came to her after a troubled time.

Hole-in-the-Day was recognized as a chief by the United States Government for his bravery and loyalty to the Americans during the War of 1812, but he did not become a chief of his people until 1825, on the death of Chief Curlyhead.

he finally drove the Dakota across the Mississippi River and would have pursued them to the western Plains had not the Government compelled the warlike tribes to make peace at Prairie du Chien.

He died in 1846, and was succeeded by his son of the same name.


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