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Happy Hunting Grounds - The white man's term for what he believed was the Indians's idea of a future life after death.  The Comanche Indians thought they went to a country in the West after death.  The Flatheads, Crow, and otehrs believed they went east.  The Sioux believed they went south.  The Blackfeet and the Gros Ventre of the Praires, to the north.  The Caddo and others, inside the earth.  The Cheyenne, to the zenith.

Northern Indians expected to go to a nice warm climate.  Southern Indians hoped for a comfortable, cool climate.  Indians had no idea of a place of punishment after death.  One Chief, when told of the white man's hell, said: "indians won't be bothered with white men in the hereafter - all white men I know will go to their hell."

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