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Grasswork - Grasses, like many other things in nature, were utilized by the Indian.  he used various kinds for covering houses, making beds, lining caches for the storage of food; for making baskets, mats, leggings, socks, towels, belts, and headbands.

White and yellow stemmed grasses were interwoven into designs in baskets and sometimes used as fringes on clothing.  Stiff stemmed grasses were made into hairbrushes and brooms and used as drills for making holes in materials which were not too hard.

Grass stems were sometimes flattened and dyed and used in decoration like porcupine quills.  Grass also was made into cord and rope and some fragrant grasses were employed as perfumes.  The Cheyenne burned grass and mixed the ashes with blood and tallow for paint.

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