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Dog Soldier - A member of one of the military societies of the Plains Indians, usually chosen for his bravery and fighting ability.  Among the Cheyenne, the Hotamitaneo or Dog Society Men, won such a reputation for their daring acts that the name was usually applied only to them.

However, other tribes had Dog Soldiers, notably the Kiowa.  This group was usually formed by ten picked men, who wore a black sash around their necks and swore never to turn their faces from the enemy unless at the insistence of the entire war party.  One of these men would ride ahead of the others, dismount and anchor himself to the ground by driving his lance through one end of the sash tied to his neck.  He would act as cheer leader and urge the others into battle, often dying on the spot unless his companions released him.  The Kiowa called them "Chief Dogs."

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