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Cochise - A famous Chiricahua Apache chief who led the revolt of hisCochise - Apache War Chief tribe against the whites in the 1870's.  Cochise had resisted when efforts were made to place the Apaches on a new reservation in New mexico.  With fewer than 200 warriors he held off the United States Army for more than four years and forced the Government to make peace with an unconquered enemy.  Then, after a reservation was established in Arizona, he brought in his warriors.

Cochise, although one of the fiercest Apaches of them all, proved in peace to be a very wise man.  he did not want his people on a reservation, and had said:  "Let my people mingle with the whites, in their farms and communities, and let us be one people."  But the Government said no.  It was many years before the white man realized the wisdom of Cochise's reasoning and decided that Indians and whites should be one people.

Cochise died peacefully on June 8, 1874.  A county, town, and mountains in Arizona are named for him.

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