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Cattle - The Indian thought of cattle in much the same way he did of any animal whose flesh could be used for food, and hide made into clothing and robes.  in fact the Algonquin, who called the buffalo beezhike, applied the same name to cattle when they first saw them.

Indians did not raise cattle as the white man did.  The Plains Indians preferred buffalo meat to cow meat, and it was not until the white man had killed off the buffalo that Indians began to raid the white man's herds of cattle.

During the great cattle drives from Txas to the railheads in kansas, the Indians living on reservations in Oklahoma demanded a certain share of the cattle as payment for the driving of the herds across their territory.  They called the cow wohow, from the terms "whoa" and "haw," which they had heard used by bull whackers in driving their teams of oxen.

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