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Kit CarsonCarson, Christopher (Kit) - A great American frontiersman, scout, and Indian fighter.  he was born in Madison County, Kentucky, on December 24, 1809.  When he was a year old, his parents moved to Missouri.  Orphaned at an early age, young Kit served as a saddler's apprentice at Old Franklin, an outfitting post on the Santa Fé Trail.

At the age of seventeen he ran away, joining a caravan on its way to Santa Fé, but upon reaching there he went on to Taos, New Mexico.

For the next fourteen years Kit mad his living as a professional guide and hunter for exploring parties and for a time shot game for the garrison at Bent's Fort in the Territory of Colorado.

At St. Louis in 1842 Kit Carson joined General   John C. Frémont on his exploring expedition, and three years later was employed by Frémont on his expedition to California.  He fought in the War with Mexico, and after the Gold Rush of "49 hired out to guide immigrants and drovers across the Plains and mountains.

Tiring of this life, Kit Carson decided to settle down and raise sheep in Taos.  But because of trouble with the navajo he was forced to give this up and continue his life as an Indian fighter.  In 1853 he was appointed Indian Agent at Taos and had much influence in controlling the warlike Navajo.  Ten years later he rounded up some 8,000 of the Indians and held them prisoner on a reservation.

During the Civil War he fought on the Federal side and was chief scout in charge of various groups of irregulars and rangers engaged in the constant border warfare.  In the Texas Panhandle he repulsed an attack by Comanche and Kiowa warriors who greatly outnumbered his troops.  This battle at Adobe Walls was a half mile from the Adobe Walls attacked some years later by Quanah Parker and his Indians.

Carson rose to the rank of brigadier general and was cited for gallantry and distinguished services.  After the war he again took up his duties as Indian agent.  He died at Fort Lyon, Colorado, on May 23, 1868.  His old home at Taos has been preserved as a museum.

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