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Carlisle Indian School - the first school for indians established by the Government off a reservation.  It was located at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and was founded by General R. H. Pratt, United States Army, while a lieutenant in charge of indian prisoners of war at St. Augustine, Florida, in 1875-1878.  When the release of these prisoners was ordered, twenty two of the Indians requested further education.  They were placed in schools at Hampton, Virginia, and several other localities.

Finally an order was issued transferring the Carlisle Barracks near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from the War Department to the Department of the Interior for Indian school purposes.

A law to establish such an institution was passed in 1882.  General Pratt, who was in charge of the school, became known as the "Father of the Indian School System."  His idea was "to get the Indian away from the reservation into civilization, and when you get him there, keep him there."  The school was continued until World War I, when it was closed and the buildings returned to the War Department as a hospital for convalescents.  Many prominent Indian athletes were graduated from there, including the famous football star, Jim Thorpe.

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