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Apalachee - One of the early native tribes of Florida, formerly living in the region north of what is now Apalachee Bay.  These Indians were visisted by De Soto in 1539 and found to be a farming people, industrious and wealthy, with a reputation for their fighting qualities.  Later upon siding with the Spanish, they began to suffer from raids by the wild Creek tribes, who were sent against them by the English government of Carolina.

In 1703 white colonists and their Indian allies raided the Apalachee country, destroying towns and missions, killing more than two hundred Apalachee warriors and carrying 1,400 of the tribe into slavery.  Another expedition a year later completed the destruction.  The remnants of the tribe is extinct.  Their name, however, has been preserved in Apalachee Bay, Florida, and in rivers in Florida, Feorgia, and Alabama, but most prominently in the Appalachian Mountains.  Tallahassee, capital of Florida, is from the Apalachee word meaning "Old Town."  There is a post village, Apalachee, in Georgia.